The foster family spent years hiding the body of the dead girl in the attic

A couple from Phoenix, Arizona charged in the abuse of 3 foster children that were taken away from under their tutelage. Presumably the pair over two years hid the body of another child in the attic, as told on Monday the prosecutors.

The Prosecutor’s office of Maricopa County allegations of ill-treatment of children, concealing the body of the deceased and arson of residential buildings has charged both suspects Rafael Loera (56 years) and Maribel Loera (50 years).

The remains were found on January 28 by firefighters after the house the family saw the smoke. As it turned out, the bones belonged to juveniles.

A few hours before the fire investigators from the Arizona Department of Child Safety took 9-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl from the family due to possible child abuse. Government services dealing with taking care of children, began an investigation January 20, when 11-year-old girl called police to report that 2 days she is home alone, she is hungry and scared. The girl was taken from the house, but at that time there were other children.

In court materials provided on Monday, prosecutors said that Raphael Lauer was questioned last month about the 11-year-old foster girl, of whom nobody had heard from 2017. First, he falsely showed that the girl had moved to Mexico, and then admitted that she was dead.

He said that in July 2017 she got sick, but didn’t take her to the hospital a few days later she died. The man admitted that the body was wrapped in a sheet and placed in the attic. On the death of the girl he and his wife are not reported, because the autopsy would show the injuries on the child.

In January, the man moved the body into the backyard, released fuel from the van and set fire to a house, because he felt helpless and thought to commit suicide.

He also said that the children had offended his wife. She allegedly beat them with a broom handle and an electric cord, but he never reported it to the police, fearing that Maribel will hurt him.

Alan tavassoli the court-appointed lawyer couples have not yet responded to a request for comment on the case.