Employee of the amusement Park dressed as «Despicable me» showed a symbol of white supremacy for photos with children of Latinos

This month two families have filed a formal complaint to the theme Park Universal Orlando to the Commission on human rights in Florida, by presenting the allegations of discrimination and violation of state law. Both families need to immediately disclose the identity of «the guy or guys under the mask Despicable me».

As reported by the SUN, Latinoamerica family (their names are not disclosed) was furious when I saw that actor at Universal Orlando, made on a joint photo with their child hand gesture, which is associated with supporters of white supremacy.

The family visited the theme Park on February 16 last year. There their five year old girl was photographed with an employee of the Park dressed as Felonious GRU, a character from the cartoon «Despicable me». They immediately drew attention to the fact that the actor in the pictures depicted the symbol «OK» gesture is considered racist.

The girl’s parents more carefully examined these photographs only after learning about a similar incident that occurred in March last year with the family of the singer.

On March 23 last year, the couple singer from Colorado visited the Park with her two children. During the traditional Breakfast they have photographed children with actor in costume, GRU, who made the same hand gesture. A few months later Singer noticed racist symbol, and this prompted them to make accusations.

Yep and there was that mascot who refused to hug the little black girlin disneyland Orlando.. Soo sad! Why is peace and love so hard to be shown to innocent kids😞

Fury as Universal Orlando staff dressed as Gru pictured making ‘racist gesture’ https://t.co/fPr4MNu4g0

— Rachael J (@Rachael92629132) February 3, 2020

The Park Universal Orlando fired the actor in question. The representative of the theme Park said:

«We wouldn’t want our guests to experience what had these families survive. This is unacceptable. We are sorry and are taking steps to make sure that nothing like this will happen again.»

Since the two incidents happened within a few weeks, it is unclear whether the involved one and the same actor in both cases.

Attorney Lisa riddle, representing both families, said the New York Daily News: «Despite our numerous requests, Universal has refused to provide us with any information regarding the identity of the actor in the costume of the character Gru, whom they allegedly fired».

Lisa added:

«Children happily run up to these characters. To know what people are hiding behind costumes, some hate children because of their race — the harrowing».

Both families want to conduct a full and transparent investigation into these incidents. They want to know how these incidents were admitted. At the moment families don’t even know if it was the same fellow Universal, and whether there are other cases of the same discriminatory behaviour.

Why the OK symbol is associated with the far-right movement?

Employee of the amusement Park dressed as «Despicable me» showed a symbol of white supremacy for photos with children of LatinosThis gesture known since the 17th century. In the UK it meant the understanding, consent, approval or well-being. Since the beginning of 1800-ies gesture more associated with the word «good»(«okay») and its abbreviation («OK»).

This gesture is popular in Hindu and Buddhist culture, as well as in yoga, where it is known as vitarka wise, glyph of inner perfection.

The gesture «OK» is also a designation of the number of words or concepts in American sign language.

But in 2017, according to «the anti-defamation League,» the hand gesture «OK» has become a symbol of racism.

Members of the website 4chan began to use it as a symbol of hatred, claiming that the three straightened fingers to symbolize the letter «W» and closed the circle of the thumb and index finger, with the palm and wrist represent the letter «P».

Thus a popular gesture, symbolizing that everything is fine, became a symbol of the abbreviation rossijskogo movement «White Power» («White Force»).

Australian supporter of white supremacy Brenton Tarrant demonstrated this character in the court room in March 2019. He was accused of killing 50 people during the shooting at mosques in Christchurch (New Zealand).

Such cases

This incident is not the first in a series of suspicions amusement parks, in complicity with Nazism and racism.

Last summer in the German theme Park was seen attraction, visually reminiscent of «flying swastika».

German theme park forced to shut down new ride after people realised that it looked like flying swastikas – The Sun https://t.co/EU8fAYTphh

— Rod Train (@RoderickTrain) August 21, 2019

The Park apologized for the fact that he doesn’t see in the design of a reference to Nazism, and closed the attraction.

In Germany Nazi symbols like the swastika are illegal in accordance with section 86a of the Criminal code. It States that «the use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations» is prohibited and is fraught with the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a term up to three years.

In August, 2019 in Universal Orlando was photographed ziguyuschie visitors who defiantly did the gesture «OK» (or «WP»).

Universal Orlando Facebook pic shows annual passholders flashing the Nazi salute and white power sign on ‘The Mummy’ ride because Florida: https://t.co/pCdO1lgDv2 via @cl_tampabay pic.twitter.com/bDBCDsjOqC

— Billy Corben (@BillyCorben) August 19, 2019

The photograph was published on the theme Park page in Facebook. It was reported that it was made on Sunday, August 18.

Universal Orlando has described the photo as offensive and removed it from your page.

«Hate has no place here. We will not tolerate hate speech in our Park, — said in a statement Universal. We promote diversity and mutual respect. Any guest using inciting hatred or showing the characters of hatred, will be immediately expelled from the Park without right to return».