Neo-Nazi can be fined $13 million for racist automatic calls to the US

The Federal communications Commission (FCC) announced that Scott Rhodes, who currently resides in Montana in 2018 made automatic calls, which «were intended for certain communities with the intent to cause harm», reports the Guardian.

For example, when he was back in Iowa, that talked about the «brown Horde» of immigrants.

In Virginia he tried to influence jurors in the trial of James fields, who was convicted of murdering Heather Heyer during a meeting of white nationalists in Charlottesville (Virginia).

And in Georgia, racist and anti-Semitic calls supposedly came from Oprah Winfrey.

The FCC also spoke in detail about the automatic calls organized by Rhodes in California and Florida. They were all timed to coincide with elections or other notable news events.

In all these campaigns, according to the FCC, the defendant was «clearly motivated by the belief that these actions will lead to disrepute in the media and, consequently, will allow it to increase the popularity of your web site and personal brand».

According to the Guardian, Rhodes used platform for online calls, which deliberately manipulates the information about the caller ID, «to calls that he did, seemed to be coming from local numbers», which is a violation of the Law 2009 «Truth in caller ID».

The Agency stated that the proposed penalty of $13 million is the largest that can leave the FCC. Rhodes can challenge the penalty.