The young mother took the baby when she passed the drug test because of a bread with poppy seeds

The young mother from Alabama took a newborn baby after a drug test found traces of opiates in her system. As it turned out, the girl ate bread with poppy seeds the day before.

Rebecca Hernandez from Huntsville, Alabama had to pass a drug test after giving birth at Crestwood Medical Center last Tuesday. And the young mother immediately took away the son after her system found traces of opiates, according to WAFF.

By the time when Friday was ready the official laboratory test in which it was written that she is not on drugs, a young mother 3 days have not seen my child.

The initial test was a «false-positive». The doctor explained that this can be explained by the poppy seeds on the bread, which she ate on Monday.

«This is a nightmare for the whole family,» the woman said through an interpreter. «A newborn baby needs to be with mom.»

Newborn baby boy along with a 13-month old baby women temporarily sent to live with aunt and uncle Hernandez, who also had to pass a drug test before they gave children.

Dr. Yashik Robinson, gynecologist and obstetrician, urges to stop doing drug tests on the day of birth, arguing that healthcare workers need to rely on confirmed laboratory tests, before contacting social services.

«Tests can give false-positive results when they may be impacted by different things,» said the doctor. «This can be a substance which the patient had eaten, as the Mac in this case, which can show positive for opiates».

The Mac may contain traces of morphine that can give a positive result in the test for prohibited substances.

«I understand, but we have to follow the rules. But they had to perform a more thorough research before they decided to call social services,» said Rebecca.

At the time of Tuesday at Crestwood Medical Center have not yet responded to a request for comment on the incident. However, the hospital said they were obliged «to follow the law.»