The dentist was fined $300 thousand, and his license suspended after the death of the patient. Another 14 — found no infection

Dental surgeon in new Jersey suspended his medical license for five years after his patient died, and 14 others found infectious-inflammatory process.

Fifteen patients Dr. John Vecchione, who led North Jersey Oral Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery LLC in Budd lake, ill with bacterial endocarditis in the period from 2012 to 2014 due to «violations of methods of prevention of infection», according to the State Department of health.

According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases, chronic infection is caused by bacteria and occurs in the valves or the lining of the heart. Bacterial endocarditis is a serious infectious process that, in the absence of treatment always leads to death.

One of the patients, the unidentified 54-year-old man died in November 2013, nine months after Vecchione pulled out one of his teeth. The man had surgery to replace a heart valve after complications and died shortly afterwards.

Another fourteen patients were also diagnosed with the disease, but they survived. Twelve of them needed heart surgery, according to the Division of consumer protection new Jersey.

Even after Vaccine warned of «violations», he continued not to comply with the protocols of infection control, including refused to use sterile water or sterile physiological solution during surgical procedures, improperly stored vials with single-dose preparations, does not observe the sterility and improperly treated and disposed of needles and syringes, according to DCA.

«Dr. Vecchione spent years to deny any responsibility for the infection, which infected the patients under his care,» said Howard pine, acting Director of the Division of consumer protection.

Symptoms of endocarditis include fever, chills, heart murmur, fatigue, aching joints and muscles, night sweating, shortness of breath, chest pain and swelling in the feet, legs, and abdomen.

Vecchione was suspended in August 2016. He was also fined $293 $ 500.