A woman who was abducted and raped at age 14, says that a man molested her on the plane

32-year-old Elizabeth Smart, a victim who was abducted and raped in 2002, said she woke up in the plane last summer and found the man who rubbed her inner thigh.

«The last time someone touched me without my consent was when I was kidnapped, and I froze» she confessed CBS This Morning.

The mother of three children said that she slept during the flight when the man next to her started rubbing the inner part of her thigh with a hand.

According to Smart, the man didn’t tell her anything. Later, the victim informed the authorities about the attack and said he wanted to stop the man hunt on the other.

Press Secretary Smart Chris Thomas said on Thursday, February 6 that the attack happened July 19 at the Delta Air Lines flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta. This case is the FBI, in cooperation with the airline.

«I called my husband and said,»I Have that big badge on my forehead that says: «Easy prey or victim?», said Smart CBS. Because I got tired of it».

In 2002, Smart was held in captivity and repeatedly sexually abused for nine months before she was rescued. After last year’s flight, she said she started self-defence, and now conducts training for other women and girls.