Fraud, assault, and theft: a 28-year-old American arrested in the 66 th time

28-year-old Florida man was arrested on Wednesday, February 5, at the 66th once spent seven months in hiding.

Of Kizer Pontoon is back behind bars, this time for what he failed to appear in court in June to answer drug charges and possession of a weapon and evading police.

According to ABC News, his extensive track record includes charges of fraud, aggravated assault and theft.

«You can sometimes see people who have been 40 or 50 arrests, and think, «Oh, God, how someone can be arrested 40 or 50 times?»», says criminal defense attorney Derek Byrd.

But the history of the Pontoon is not unique. This is happening all over the state.

Fraud, assault, and theft: a 28-year-old American arrested in the 66 th timeOf Kizer Pontoon. Source: Sarastoa County Sheriff’s Office

Manatee County Sheriff Rick wells told ABC that many repeat offenders receive lighter penalties for their crimes and back on the street, getting into new trouble.

«There is definitely a percentage of people who, regardless of what you do for them, just do not understand this, says wells. They just can’t understand. They’re just bad people and can’t be ready and they probably should be in jail to get them off the streets. But the vast majority are not like that».

According to the Sheriff, many people in the prison system have mental health problems or substance abuse that lead to incorrect choices. Wells says that for such offenders, there are programs, but these citizens must strictly follow the law.

Wells believes that the acclimation program on the inmates after prison needs to be improved to reduce recidivism.