Agent at transportation security arrested for having forced the passenger at the airport to show him my Breasts

The agent of the transportation security Administration (TSA) was arrested on Thursday, February 6, that forced a woman to show her Breasts twice during the security check. It happened in June 2019 at the international airport of Los Angeles.

According to the Associated Press, 22-year-old Jonathon lomeli the accused looked inside the bra of a passenger. After that, he falsely claimed that it was necessary, for security reasons. The woman also told investigators that Lomeli asked to stick out her pants for a «security check».

Then she said that Lomeli was to hold her in a separate room for further inspection. But in the Elevator he demanded that she «showed all his chest» before allowing the woman to leave. Finally, the employee told her that she had beautiful Breasts. «Further inspection» never happened.

Lomeli was fired a few months later. After the woman filed a complaint, the TSA contacted the FBI on this case.

According to a press release from the office of the attorney General of California, Lomeli was accused of fraud or deception. He posted bail of $50 thousand