Police arrested fake Uber driver, zamanilovka girls into his car

The police reported that on Friday a man was arrested from Bakersfield, California, who was posing as the driver of Uber or Lyft prey on women coming from bars and restaurants to trick them to get into his car, obviously hoping that they were in a state of some intoxication.

Here is what wrote in his message to the police:

«We arrested the Nassef of Rheba for stalking and loitering. He has also been charged with other charges in connection with his actions. Please help local residents to learn of any other incidents that could be involved Raheb. Call detective Petris number 661-326-3554 327-7111 or with any information you have».

The Nassef Raheb (48 years old) accused of stalking, peeping into homes, the entry to the home, unlawful imprisonment and forcible acts of a sexual nature as a result of 3 different investigations in 2018, 2019 and 2020, as reported in the police station Bakersfield. Law enforcement officials were able to apprehend him after they were called to the house to investigate cases of vagrancy, and the suspect at the time was Rahab.

We Nassef Ragheb arrested for stalking, prowling, and other charges. We’re requesting the community»s assistance in identifying any additional incidents Ragheb may have been involved in. Call Detective Petris 661-326-3554 at 327-7111 or with any info. pic.twitter.com/nrp5M51ym1

— Bakersfield Police (@bakersfieldpd) February 7, 2020

In his statement to the police said that they have evidence that Rahab also posed as a driver from Uber or Lyft, to trick women to sit in his car Toyota Corolla. At least once Ragab tried to kiss one of his victims after he had taken the girl to her house. In another case it was noticed when he was hiding in the backyard of the victim, looking in the Windows. He is also recognized as housing one woman through an unlocked door.

At the police station Bakersfield asked the help of local residents to identify other cases that could be involved Raheb.