Adults allegedly organized a fight club for school students

The recent violent incidents between students in Grande Prairie in Canada was allegedly organized by adults, as warned parents of the official authorities.

Two organized fights in the Parking lot led to the fact that on Friday the representative of the Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools Carl Hermann after the intervention of the local police had written a letter to parents. None of the fights between students were not on campus, but one of them went into a brightly lit Parking lot of a local school, said in the letter.

Both fights were at night, when cars had formed a circle around the battle, and many people gathered to watch the fight, said Herrmann.

«Supposedly fighting organized 2 adults. About the battle agree in advance, choose a time and place, and identified students are invited to place»,- noted in his letter to Herrmann. «Cars form a circle and turn on the lights. Then the battle begins, who starred in the video. Both battles were quite intense, and the guys received injuries serious. One student was recently hospitalized.»

Officials are asking parents and students to immediately inform the police if they witnessed such activity or heard about the fight, which is scheduled in the future. People who watch the fight or participate in it, can be charged by the police or they may be suspended (excluded) from school, warned in the letter.

«If we as administration can establish that the person is a danger to other people at school, even by actions that occurred after the school Education Act gives us the right to suspend or exclude it»,- assured in the school district. «If you have any questions, please call the police or your school. Most important, talk to your family.»