Mom, found in a school backpack son a note from the bus driver warns other parents about the danger

As a parent, you probably noticed that constantly looking for potential risks and dangers that could face your child.

But perhaps you are so worried about their safety when they are in school in the middle of the day. However, one mother showed that you can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of children. She told me that she found «scary» note in the school bag of his son.

A resident of Oklahoma, whose name was not called, said she found a letter from a school bus driver in a backpack son, which made her very worried.

A man who every day drove 13-year-old home, wrote a note in which he admitted that he would like to become a friend of the boy and asked if they «play» and «cuddle».

A copy of an inappropriate letter has been provided by news channel 4 Oklahoma News. It said: «I am writing you this note because, as you know, in addition to the school there is no time to speak, but quick to cuddle. For some time I wanted to talk to you about how to spend more time together. Maybe with some of your other buddies? What do you think?»

Mother, who wished to remain anonymous for the sake of her son, told the news channel, I was very scared, and she immediately reported it to the school. She said, «He wants to be friends with my child, he wants to do with my child is unthinkable. I don’t want the situation has reached the point that another child…there are worse things than notes that cannot be changed. I’m very worried».

The school, in question, confirmed to reporters that the bus driver «no longer works at the school.»

The notes have also attracted attention in social networks, where other parents said that they were happy that mom shared her story as a warning for other adults that should be always on the alert. One mother wrote: «Children are no longer safe.» «Terribly nice, she told everything,» wrote another parent. «I’m proud of the child that he gave a note for my mom and she reported it. The police must inform all schools, as well as his name,» added someone else.