80-year-old widower lost $200 thousand due to the romance Scam

According to the Department of consumer and business services state of Oregon, 80-year-old widower has become the victim of fraud, losing $ 200,000. The man was not deceived, «unknown cheater» who «stole the identity» women from Florida to on her behalf to befriend victims through online Dating and convince him to invest in business opportunities.

Authorities said the scammer communicated with the victims online for several months. Then, the con man persuaded a man to maintain an art gallery in Florida, pretending to be looking for investors to cover travel expenses in the amount of $ 5 million for delivery of 500-ton marble sculpture of a lion from China. The scammer said that all investments will be returned after the sale of the sculpture.

The man made some payments over five months totaling more than $ 200,000. He lost all of his investments, and the investigators were unable to trace the fraudster.

In ODCBS reported that romantic scammers usually target the elderly. Scammers earn their trust and ask for money via social networks and Dating sites or apps.