The school called the police when 6-year-old child with down syndrome folded fingers like a gun and sent to the teacher

Elementary school in Pennsylvania called the police, when a small child with down syndrome was sent to the teacher’s hand, folded the gun. Officials concluded that it was not a threat, but the mother of the child said they went too far.

Maggie Gaines called the school district Tredyffrin-Easttown School District to update its rules after her 6-year-old daughter, Margaux, was interrogated by the school officials for what he put his hand in the shape of a gun and sent to the elementary school teacher, pretending to shoot her.

Maggie said that it was a harmless expression of anger. But Margo decided that her actions are in the nature of the threat, therefore, investigated. The administrators have decided that the girl never meant harm, but still called the police Tredyffrin township.

The school district said that calling the police is part of the security Protocol. But the mother of the child claims that in the case of her daughter County misinterpreted its own rules.

«From the very beginning it was clear that she did not understand what he is saying,» said Maggie news channel KYW. «First, she has down syndrome, but I also believe that most 6 year olds don’t understand what that means.» She added that the police made a report on the incident, where he pointed out the girl’s name. The police have not yet responded to a request for comment on the situation, but the school district said that the police had not opened a case or a file on Margot.
Now the mother wants the school district rules were revised.

A completely ridiculous (yet entirely foreseeable!) consequence of pretending schools are dangerous places is that now the police are routinely called to intervene unnecessarily in minor incidents like this: a six yr old pointing her finger at a teacher.

— Robby Soave (@robbysoave) February 11, 2020

«I know we live in a time when parents worried about their children’s safety in schools,» she wrote in a letter to the school, citing the incident in Sandy Hook Elementary School and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. «But I also believe that our schools across the country react excessively when 6-year-old children, folding fingers like a gun, regarded as occasion to call the police.»