Boy 2 years away from kindergarten unnoticed and one walk the streets in soaking wet clothes

Police officers from Ohio, United States found 2-year-old boy who was riding a toy on 3-wheeled Bicycle on a busy street in the day, when the street was pretty cool. He was dressed, very easily.

As reported by police officers of the police station in Sandusky, trousers and socks of the boy soaking wet, and he was disoriented. He could not tell officers where he came from and why was he on the street.

Officer David West was the first who found the child on the street. «I really couldn’t believe it, especially at this time of day and at this temperature. He was barely dressed, just rode his little bike in the street,» reported West.

The police went down the street from door to door, interviewing neighbors, have not yet found the owner of the kindergarten. As told by the officers at the kindergarten looked after 6 other children.

Officers reported that the front door of the house where the kindergarten was the latch, but a little kid easily could reach it, open the door and go outside. According to the police Department of Sandusky, for the past 5 years 4 of the child left the kindergarten.

«We tried to talk to her about some protection of children, the protection on the door handle,» said David West. «If she watches more than 1 child in the kindergarten, it may be wise to set an alarm or something on the door so if the door is still open, was heard a sound.»

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The incident was reported in the guardianship and custody of the Erie County and the owner of the kindergarten was charged with that she put the child in a dangerous situation. She has pleaded not guilty the charges against her, but if she is found guilty, she could face a prison sentence up to 1 year.