The school bus driver from new Jersey came out of the transport, leaving 14 children in

The school bus driver from new Jersey with an invalid driver’s license left the bus with children near his home last week, pre-instructing the attendant «to deal with these kids the most,» the report said. The woman did not do anything that take care of the children, who were in the bus, which she was managing. The concerned parents had to call the police before they were finally able to know where their children are.

The Newark police Department in new Jersey found 14 children left in a school bus at about 16:30 on 6 February 2020 after he received several phone calls from concerned parents who said that the bus did not appear at their usual stops, reports WABC news.

None of the children were not injured, but one 11-year-old girl with special needs told news stations Wednesday that the driver, whose name was not called, just left. «She said accompanying the bus face «you’ll have to deal with these kids the most»,» — said amber Easterling.

The police brought the children to the nearest police station, where they took the parents. And the driver was issued a summons to court because she was driving with an invalid rights, according to WABC.

In a statement, the school district received by the station, said that the contract with the bus company had been cancelled. «The school district refused the services of this company to transport students to school Avon Avenue School and is in the process of defining the next steps for follow-up services. In addition, because the company has not followed the rules, the school district demanded compensation for the financial damages for this violation. The issue is still the subject of investigation.»