The court started to panic and the evacuation after the woman said that she was sick with coronavirus

A resident of Arkansas told the court that he was sick with coronavirus. She is currently charged with a crime.

34-year-old Celia hill on Wednesday, February 26, accused of drug possession in the district court of the Mayflower. But at some point meeting the suspect said could be sick with coronavirus, reports KATV.

She claimed that I was recently in journey, in contact with an infected patient, and now she has a fever.

According to police, the whole court was quickly evacuated. Hill was taken on a stretcher to the ambulance.

«People fled. No one came,» said one of the witnesses KATV.

The woman was taken to a local hospital, where she did an analysis, which was negative.

«As far as we can tell, she lied about the presence of the coronavirus,» he said in an interview with the Prosecutor of the city of Mayflower, David Hogue.

In the incident against the hill was made more charges, including perjury, obstruction of activities of public authorities and disobeying a court order.