Employees of the HHS did not have the proper equipment to work with evacuees from China

Federal employees do not have the necessary protective equipment or training, when they were sent to help the quarantined Americans who were evacuated from China during the outbreak of coronavirus, according to the complaint the government informant.

The complaint States that the staff of the Department of health and human services was sent to base Travis and March Air Force in California without full protective gear and training in how to protect themselves in the virus hot zone.

Helping the evacuees, the team members noticed that employees of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States was in full gear to protect themselves from disease when they were not even respiratory masks, sometimes there was only gloves and a regular drugstore mask. About it reports USA TODAY.

While helping the evacuees, team members noticed that workers from the CDC were in full gear to protect them from getting sick whereas they had no respirator masks, safety gloves and masks at time. https://t.co/8BIP4pAavB

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) February 28, 2020

The team consisted of about 14 employees. Their state sent to help the evacuees from mid-January to early February.

The complaint was first published in the Washington Post. The lawyers of the Complainants reported that the workers had no symptoms of infection, and they have not been tested for the presence of virus.

The house of representatives member Jimmy Gomez, D-California said that the informant contacted his office. He said the employee. the Complainant is under the threat of retribution from the authorities.

«From the moment I found out about it, I am concerned that HHS does not take seriously the complaints of its employees, said Gomez in an interview. — Leaders should not dismiss them.

Retaliates against people who voice a problem, just trying to dissuade others from allegations of violations».

Office Gomez reported that the complaint was filed by a senior official in the Administration for children and families, Agency of social services at HHS. According to the report, the applicant seeks the protection of Federal law.

The office of special counsel, an independent Federal Supervisory Agency responsible for investigating personnel issues, confirmed Thursday that it had received a complaint and opened a case. HHS said that «the complaint requires evaluation.»

«We take very seriously all complaints of the applicants and provide the applicant with all necessary means of protection in accordance with the Law on the protection of the applicants», — said the press-Secretary of HHS Kathleen Oakley.

The Minister of health and social services Alex Azar, has rejected the charges at the hearing Thursday, when asked whether it is possible that the protocols were violated, given the urgency associated with the virus, reports CBS News.

«The urgency will not compensate the violation of the protocols of isolation and quarantine for personal protection, he said. — I don’t know about any violations of the quarantine and isolation protocols.»

Lawyer Ari Wilkenfeld representing an unidentified informant, said in a statement:

«This question concerns the reactions of HHS to coronavirus and its inability to protect its employees and possibly the public.

Response efforts to intimidate and silence our customer needs to be stopped.»

The news amplifies fear in the United States after a viral outbreak has infected more than 83 000 people and killed nearly 3000 worldwide as of Friday. At the same time, China reduced the number of new cases of infection, and on Friday were registered 327 new cases.

Original ways to «protect themselves» from the coronavirus

Measures of precautions which will help to avoid the infection include wearing special protective clothing. Doctors recommend avoiding handshakes and hugs, which led to the emergence of new ways to greet and say goodbye.

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Those who work in the service sector, too creative, trying to increase the distance from the worker to the client.

How a barber does his job while keeping a safe distance from the customers? #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/19odggfazj

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) February 28, 2020

And ordinary mask should be worn CORRECTLY. Because otherwise she’s finally become a means of «psychological self-defense» after they have ceased to fulfill their direct functions.

Dear Nigerians, see HOW to wear a protective face mask.

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