Virginia proposed a law about «red flag» allowing to confiscate weapons from individuals who pose a threat to others

On Thursday, the legislators in Virginia have proposed a number of bills on gun control, including the so-called law of the «red flag» that will allow law enforcement to confiscate guns from those they deem a threat to themselves or others.

New state law on «red flag», which comes into force in July, has caused dissatisfaction in many districts.

Five of the eight bills on gun control, approved by the Governor-Democrat Ralph Nortamo, received support in both chambers of the General Assembly and will head to Northam for signature. About it reports USA TODAY.

Approved measures include:

  • the ban on certain types of firearms in public places;
  • tougher rules and restrictions for the reporting of lost or stolen arms;
  • storage and transfer of firearms for people subject to protective orders;
  • the penalty for providing access to loaded firearms to children under the age of 14 years.

Two other bills, one of which establishes universal background checks when selling guns, and the other limits the number of handguns purchased within one month, are still seen houses of the General Assembly.

Virginia lawmakers say they have a deal on ‘red flag’ law that will allow guns to be temporarily taken from people deemed dangerous Charges the US Government with guaranteeing that the peoples inherent Rights are not infringed upon!#UnConstitutional

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The vote took place shortly after Virginia became the epicenter of the national debate about gun control. Democrats gained full control over the government of Virginia in November, but the state government failed to take one of the most restrictive measures: a ban on the sale of assault firearms.

Thousands of gun owners gathered around the state capital in Richmond in January, demanding that legislators not to pass bills and expressing its support for the Second amendment.

The legislation has caused debate in society, and since November more than 100 settlements symbolically declared itself a «reserves of the Second amendment». The resolutions States that cities, townships and counties will not enforce laws that violate the Second Amendment.

The legal experts say that these resolutions are of little value, since local laws can supersede the laws of the state, and the laws on gun control, similar to those which were imposed on Thursday, was adopted in other States.

«This is a historic day for our Commonwealth because the General Assembly adopted five laws on the prevention of violence», said Chris brown, President of the group for arms control.

Northam and Democrats also argue that these measures will ensure the safety of Virginians, while opponents say that they violate their right to the Second amendment.