Mother and son accused of the contract killing of her daughter 25 years ago

A former resident of new Jersey and her son is accused of killing her husband and daughter, committed 25 years ago.

66-year-old Dolores Morgan, currently living in Delera beach, colluded with his son, 47-year-old TEDOM Connors and his best friend Hossa of Karera to murder her husband, promising them part of the payment from the insurance policy on his life. Wednesday Morgan and Connors was charged with seven counts, including conspiracy to murder, wounding with machetes Ana Meia in 1994 and the shooting of Nicholas Connors in 1995.

The sentence was handed down after Carrero on Friday pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy in the second degree to murder. He told the court that Morgan had recruited him and a son to commit murder, reports the New York Post.

December 8, 1994, 24-year-old Meia was found dead in his apartment in which lived together with her husband and two children. The girl died from a stab wound. Her face was powdered white substance, which was originally thought to be for cocaine, but soon determined that it was baby food.

Carrero said that Morgan also suggested that he and her son from 2000 to 3000 dollars for the murder Mai. Morgan was afraid that her daughter will tell the police about their son’s drug trade.

Six months later, Nicholas Connors, stepfather Ted, was found dead on the couch of his house with multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

After the killings, Morgan took an insurance payment for the life of the Connors in the $ 200,000 and moved with her son to Florida, where they quietly lived the quarter of a century.

Carrero has agreed to testify against his coconspirators in the course of the transaction with the police, which involves the reduction of the period of 5 to 10 years imprisonment for each of charges. All three criminals were arrested in January and are in the County jail of Mount.