Teacher for children with special needs was assaulted by 9-year-old girl autistic

Teacher for children with special needs was arrested for sexually abusing nine-year-old Asperger’s in class.

Mark Seibel accused of sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child because he allegedly forced the girl to touch his genitals during class in Public School 4, a specialized school for children with disabilities.

«In this case the victim is a defenseless child with autism, says Melinda Katz, district attorney Queens. — The accused is a reliable teacher in our school system — is said to have used as its position, and the innocence of a little girl».

According to the indictment, another teacher caught sabela of which 19 years in school, while watching the video. The footage shows how the man directs the girl’s hand to his crotch.

Seibel removed from office, said representatives of the Department of education.

He appeared before Queens criminal court judge Michael Gaffi.

Mayor de Blasio condemned implied violence as «disgusting.»

«Every day we should try to prevent people from entering government service, were precisely those people who do not have enough», — he said.