In Los Angeles due to the coronavirus to freedom has released more than 600 prisoners

The Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles (California) has reduced the prison population by more than 600 people, and asked the police to release criminals, when possible, to protect inmates against coronavirus.

As of Monday morning the number of prisoners in the County decreased from 17076 to 16459, partially due to the granting of parole to persons sentenced for less than 30 days.

«People in prison are vulnerable, said Monday at a press conference, Sheriff Alex Villanueva. So, we protect them from potential impact.»

In addition, the number of arrests decreased from 300 to 60 in a day. In the prisons of LA while there are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus, but nine prisoners are in prison in the correctional centre, while 21 inmate is in quarantine at the Central prison for men, and five in a correctional facility Twin Towers.

The American civil liberties Union of southern California tweeted that the release more than 600 prisoners, «is the beginning, but this is not enough» and called on the Sheriff to release anyone who poses no threat of physical safety to the community.

According to the Department of health, County of Los Angeles confirmed 94 cases of coronavirus, one fatal case.

The mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti ordered the closure of gyms, bars and night clubs, and also introduced restrictions on restaurants. Grocery stores will remain open.

Also the Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles stated that all leave for his staff canceled before the end of April.