American tried to set fire to your wife because you will not get a check from the government, offsetting the pandemic coronavirus

A resident of new Mexico, the United States tried to burn his wife with a disability because he was angry, he was not entitled to receive a check from the government associated with the pandemic coronavirus, the police said.

Police arrested Joe Macias (age 63) last Wednesday, after he started sparring with his wife, and he allegedly doused her and their home with gasoline, according to the news edition of the Albuquerque Journal.

The spouse of the man told the police that Joe Macias returned home around 17:00 with 4 cans of beer, «frustrated by the fact that it does not meet the conditions for receiving a government check».

We are talking about the check from the government offers cash assistance to Americans to compensate for the coronavirus pandemic, which many Americans were forced to completely stop work to stay home and not spread the virus further.

Joe Macias poured gasoline on his wife and on the house trailer in which they lived, as police said.

The wife of Macias told police officers that her husband took out a cigarette and tried to burn it several times but it did not work because the gasoline got to the lighter. Obviously, after that, he went out into the street, because the police added that the officers later found the man walking down the street in clothes, completely soaked with gasoline. Officers also found a woman’s hair and pyjamas which also soaked with gasoline. She was lying on the floor inside a nearby trailer.

Macias was detained by the police. He was charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and illegal use of force against a family member.

At the moment not yet it is unknown whether the detainee a lawyer who could comment about what happened on his behalf.