The man faces a fine of up to $50,000 for escape from under quarantine for the sake of meeting a girl

Resident of Australia decided to ignore the quarantine to see his girlfriend. Moreover, to come to her, he used public transportation. Now he faces a penalty of $50 thousand.

Male, 35 years old, whose name was not disclosed, was caught breaking the terms of the quarantine on Sunday, as he wrote on the social network Facebook, the representatives of the Western Australia police.

A man came to Western Australia from Victoria on 28 March and had to be quarantined for 14 days in a hotel in Perth under the law Emergency Management Act prevailing in the state, police said.

A 35-year-old man has appeared in court charged with breaching quarantine regulations, by escaping from his hotel. He told the Perth Magistrates court he needed to visit his girlfriend. | @_nathanbrooks_

— First 10 News Perth (@10NewsFirstPER) April 6, 2020

But instead, he was not in the hotel Friday and Saturday night because «I wanted to see his girl» and he didn’t have anyone who would bring him food, according to the news edition of 7 News.

The police visited his hotel room early Sunday morning after she was contacted staff, but the men in the room were not, according to a police report. When he showed up 45 minutes later, he told law enforcement that he left the room to deal with a personal problem.

The police again ordered him not to leave the room, unless this is some kind of health problem, but he ignored their instructions and left around 21:00 that evening, opening the emergency door and escaped up the stairs for emergency evacuation.

Surveillance camera recorded as he returned to the hotel room the next morning about 4 hours.

The hotel staff told police that they saw a man outside his room 5 times during 4 days.

Police said that during their trips, the Aussie use public transport, according to 7 News.

During the preliminary consideration of his case on Monday, he was denied bail, and prosecutors said he demonstrated «a complete disregard for the terms of the Emergency Management Act» and «put the society in Western Australia in a dangerous position.»

He was taken into custody and he will have to appear in court via video link on Thursday.

«Detention is much worse than staying in a hotel,» said the Premier of Western Australia mark Mac-Gowan at a press conference on Monday. «He’s already felt the consequences of their actions. Now he faces a fine of up to $50 million and subsequent imprisonment.» «He did wrong, he got caught,» said Mac-Gowan. «I expect that the law will deal with him pretty severely».