The police are looking into the motives of men, probably stole a biological sample awaiting testing COVID-19

The biological sample which was tested for COVID-19, but instead ended up in the hands of a suspect in the theft of men, as reported by news station KTXL in Sacramento.

Assistant chief of police Davis Paul Doroshiv told FOX40 that the 40-year-old Sean Moore entered the hospital Sutter Davis Hospital in the middle of the day on Saturday, grabbed a sample and disappeared on the bike.

«I think the concern is whether someone intentionally try to infect people using the virus?» said Doroshiv.

The suspect later left the sample for testing for the coronavirus, not opening it, told Doroshiv. Employees of CVS Pharmacy found it inside the shopping carts around 18:30. It was confirmed that the sample did not open and did not try to damage the package»,- said the policeman.

Burglary — Wanted PersonOn April 11, 2020, at approximately 1:35 PM, officers responded to Sutter Davis Hospital after…

Geplaatst door City of Davis Police Department op Zaterdag 11 april 2020

Taking advantage of the interference of the homeless, the investigators were able to track Moore’s Sunday morning and arrest him on suspicion of theft near the intersection of Cowell Blvd and Research Park Drive.

Doroshiv said that Moore lives in Davis, but he has no permanent residence.

Investigators are still trying to understand why Moore even stole a sample. «Is it possible that with this man things happen that are not rational? Are there other motives? Options can indeed be a lot,» said Doroshiv.

The police said that the man can add additional charges depending on his motives, but they do not think that the suspect wanted to hurt yourself or someone else.

FOX40 turned to Sutter Health to ask about the procedures for their security and how someone could enter and steal the sample.

From the interview, the hospital refused, but they sent this statement:

Sutter Davis Hospital provides quality medical services to residents of Yolo circle and beyond. We are very serious about this situation. We are conducting our internal investigation and are working closely with County authorities and law enforcement agencies on this case.