American filed a lawsuit against cruise lines, Princess Cruises after her husband died of coronavirus

A resident of Texas, whose husband died from the coronavirus, has filed a lawsuit against Princess Cruises alleging that she and her spouse were allowed to climb the ship, although the crew knew that they are at risk of Contracting coronavirus.

Susan and Michael Doherty from Crowley climbed the Grand Princess in San Francisco on February 21 to celebrate 40 years of marriage, reports KXAS-TV.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday, said that earlier that day, at least 2 passenger infected COVID-19, landed from ship to shore, and more than 60 people who have been and possible risk of infection, remained on Board.

«They shouldn’t allow them to up on the ship,» said the widow’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin. «They should have warned them of the danger. They had to check them out. And they ought to return the ship back.»

After 4 days, the cruise line sent the passengers who have gone ashore, the email to inform that they could get a coronavirus, said in the lawsuit. But they allegedly did not warn new passengers, including a married couple.

During his stay on the ship, Michael began to show symptoms of the disease, and his wife made lots of calls to the emergency line, but never received the help that was needed to her husband.

Susan finally convinced the team to let Michael see the doctors of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the U.S. land-based, 3 days after he developed symptoms. «The doctors looked at him fearfully and asked why I did not bring it faster,» — said in the lawsuit. «She explained that she had spent the last 2 days, trying to allow the Princess to allow him to get off the ship».

He was taken to hospital where he was tested for COVID-19 and where he «spent days suffering in agony». He died alone, and his children and his wife listened on the phone, «how the doctor felt the heartbeat of Michael until he died.»

Now, the widow wants to stop this from happening to anyone else. «Obviously, many things happen against the virus, for which no one is to blame,» said Hardin. «It’s a different situation. The people who were supposed to be responsible for others, knew the risks, did not warn people about the risks, took their money for the cruise, knowing that they knew that people could be at risk of catching the virus. They did it anyway. That’s why she wants to make sure this won’t happen.»

Princess Cruises said they do not comment on pending litigation.