Woman deliberately caslavska in the face of police, was sentenced to 5 months in prison (video)

Disturbing video shows as the woman began to cough in the face of police, which arrested her before she was sent to prison for 5 months.

The video shows how Charlene Merrifield (39 years) from South Tyneside protested while the officer calmly leads her to a police van, after the woman was caught on the fact that damaged cars and attacked a man with a knife.

First, the woman in disbelief, asked why want to arrest her. The police officer patiently explains to her that she attacked the man and tried to damage the car. The woman asks, why don’t you arrest the man. The officer again explained that when he arrived on the scene, she was standing on the street with 2 bricks in his hands and behaved aggressively.

Absolutely appalling 😡🚨

A top cop has condemned the behaviour of a woman who intentionally coughed at officers as she was being arrested.

Charlene Merrifield, 39, now begins a spell behind bars after the incident in #Hebburn. Video below 👇👇 pic.twitter.com/2k1EOUgEpX

— Northumbria Police #StayHomeSaveLives (@northumbriapol) April 21, 2020

Complaining that she hit her head when getting into the van, Merrifield began a long and exaggerated coughing, leaning towards the arresting officer.

«I swear to God, you go to jail!» — a police officer warned her, quite accurately predicting the result of the case woman in court last Wednesday, he told police Northumbria.

Merrifield was sentenced to 21 weeks after the recognition of its attack on the employee of the emergency services along with other charges. Not reported, checked the woman for the presence of coronavirus in her body.

«Charlene Merrifield knew exactly what he was doing when he decided deliberately to cough on one of our officers that is simply outrageous,» said chief inspector Northumbria police Nicola Wiring.

The arrested woman has demonstrated a complete disregard for both law and well-being of others in the period when officers are faced with increased dangers, protecting others, said a police spokesman.

«I hope this case will demonstrate how seriously such crimes in light of the ongoing pandemic,» said Vering.