In the state of Georgia opened hair salons, gyms and beauty salons

On Friday, Georgia became the first state in the United States, which began to weaken the measures taken to slow down the pandemic coronavirus infection.

Governor Brian Kemp has started the implementation of the plan out of the quarantine: he opened to door gyms, hairdressers and beauty salons in Georgia. Theatres, private social clubs and restaurants will be open on Monday.

As reported by the Hill, Kemp did not find support from leaders at all levels of government, including the President of trump and experts in public health, which warned that the resumption of work of the enterprises at the moment can contribute to the spread of the deadly virus.

«I was not happy with Brian Kemp, said trump at a press briefing at the White house on Thursday. — I was not at all happy».

Trump said he warned Kemp that Georgia will violate the guidelines of the White house’s weakening of quarantine measures recommended to the States to wait for the stable reduction of morbidity in the 14 days before to remove restrictions for business.

«I told him, «You decide», — said trump. — I said, «You don’t follow the guidelines, but I let you make your own decision. But I want people in Georgia were safe, and I don’t want it to flare up again due to the fact that you decided to do something that’s not in the manual»».

Kemp defended his decision Thursday night on Twitter after the President’s comments, saying that his team worked closely with property trump to mitigate the impact COVID-19 in the state.

«Our decisions are based on data and recommendations of the public health, ‘said Kemp. — We continue to focus on the protection of the lives and livelihoods of all residents of the state.»

He said that public companies will be required to test employees for the presence of symptoms and strengthen sanitation, among other precautions.

Opening a business is despite the fact that in the state, according to Worldometers, as of April 24, recorded 22 491 cases of infection of the coronavirus, including 608 — in the last 24 hours. During the epidemic in Georgia from complications COVID-died 899 19 people, 18 of them on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer also agreed to loosen some restrictions on the background of armed protests and threats of rebellion on the part of legislators from your state. Reported by the New York Post.

In Michigan coronavirus was detected in 36 of 641 people (1350 cases in the last 24 hours). Died from a new infection in the state 3 085 people (including 108 on Friday).

During the epidemic in Michigan was made 140 130 tests for coronavirus, and in Georgia tested 107 176 people.