The students found a dead girlfriend in the bedroom of her lover, traced her phone using the app

Friends of a student from new York Haley Anderson (22) found her body in the bed of a lover after he traced her phone to the house Orlando Tercero and made his way inside his apartment.

The friends of the murdered students described how they found her body, using the app Find My Friends.

A student from new York Haley Anderson (22), which is a trained nurse, was strangled to death by her lover and classmate Orlando Tercero in March 2018.

Friends of the girl who lived with her in the Dorm, have used Find My Friends to track the location of Haley after she missed a evening of poetry. They tracked her phone to the apartment Tercero and decided to get inside through the window, noticing that the doors were locked, and his car was gone.

The group of friends were shocked when they found the body of Haley in his bed. Tercero reportedly killed a University student of Binghamton University, in a fit of jealousy after she told him she wanted to be just friends. Girlfriend girls Josie Artin told CBS News that he wrote Hayley a message on March 8, but has not received a reply. However, after Haley appeared at the poetry, the friends decided to take matters into their own hands.

She says: «One of my roommate said, «I found her phone on Find My Friends and app says he’s in Orlando». I was definitely afraid of what I’ll find in the apartment. First I pushed Michele, and then climbed aboard herself. She was a little ahead of me and just started screaming «Josie, dial 911″». Then the girl saw a friend in the bedroom Tercero, although she wasn’t sure that she was dead, despite her pale skin color.

Josie told New York Post that she expected to find Haley sleeping in the apartment and could not believe that she was dead when I saw her body.

Tercero, a citizen of the United States, after the assassination fled to Nicaragua, but was later captured by police and sentenced to 30 years in prison.