In Michigan, armed protesters against quarantine came into the state Capitol (photos)

Protesters in Michigan, many of whom have brought a firearm, entered the state Capitol building on Thursday — at that time, as lawmakers discussed whether to extend a state of emergency. Extend the state of emergency would allow the Governor Gretchen Whitmer to continue the operation of the order, «stay at home».

Some people were holding posters with inscriptions: «Cancel lock». One poster was: «Tyrants — the rope.» In the Capitol building of Michigan, protesters chanted «Vote!», while lawmakers led the discussion.

At the Michigan capitol building today in Lansing. Photos by Jeff Kowalsky (AFP via Getty)

— Dan Zak (@MrDanZak) April 30, 2020

The protests were initiated by residents of Michigan, ready to return to work and facilitate the conditions of social distancing across the state. Many protesters were wearing masks and did not follow the principles of social distancing.

«It is sad that people are going without masks and without social distance, — said the press-Secretary Whitmer, Tiffany brown. — This will expose to the risk of death more people.»

Lavora Barnes, Democrat of Michigan, said that the protests had turned «global crisis in health care in the political game.»

Barnes also called on the leaders of the Republican party of Michigan «to condemn the language of hatred, racism and violence by protesters».

«It was a lot of really disgusting symbols of hate, said Newsweek on Thursday, the democratic Senator from Michigan Dayna of Polehonki. — Confederate flags, disgusting, misogynist posters on our Governor, threats of murder…Finally, firearm in the Capitol. Around us were people with rifles. I jokingly told my colleagues that I love them, but every joke is only a joke share. You never know what can happen. You just never know.»

Although Polehonki stressed that lawmakers support constitutional rights of the protesters, she believes that «the protest has gone too far.»

«We all want to return to normal life, — said the Senator. — But such actions are counterproductive.»

According to Michigan law, people are allowed to carry guns in the Capitolbut not allowed to bring hateful posters.

Inside the Michigan Capitol right now.

— Leon Hendrix (@LeonHendrix) April 30, 2020

Previously, the validity period of quarantine in Michigan will expire on may 15.