In Georgia, 16-year-old was allowed to get a driver’s license without examination

Pandemic coronavirus suspended a driving test for teenagers in Georgia.

Currently, the southern state allows 16-year-old Teens to obtain a driving license without passing the exam on the road. This move has forced some parents to worry about safety on the streets.

«I think that the refusal of test driving puts people at greater risk,» said a local resident Jen Hancock.

Son Jen will get the permission for provisional license next year. The woman said that will not allow your child to get right without passing the road test.

«If we quarantine where you want to go this 16-year-old?» — said Jen Hancock in an interview on WSB-TV.

Spencer Moore, head of the Department of motor vehicles (DDS) Georgia, reported that teenagers who want to have rights, must submit through the form on the DDS website a written statement confirming that they have passed almost 40 hours a controlled training by an adult or a professional instructor. Within a few hours has been enjoyed for hundreds of applications.

«The vast majority of adolescents easy to pass a road test because they are taught by adults in advance. We see a very high passing rate of over 80%,» added Moore.

But local teenager, 15-year-old Tanner Wiggins said that he would not get justice without examination.

«As a driver, I want to know for myself that is ready to be on the road,» said Tanner.