Man arrested 3 times per day, but each time was released because of the fear of the coronavirus

A man from California was arrested 3 times in 12 hours, but was only handed him a summons to court and each time released because of the new state rules in respect of the collateral imposed due to the coronavirus.

In the police Department of the city of Glendora on Friday, wrote on Facebook that the 24-year-old Dijon landrum of the city of Monterey Park presented 3 subpoenas, 8:28 am to 20:50 PM after 3 incidents in the city, located 23 miles East of Los Angeles.

«We would like to thank all the citizens who helped with the investigation, especially those who are called, having noticed something suspicious,» wrote the police.

California man arrested three times over the course of 12 hours Wednesday — including for allegedly leading officers on a pursuit — only given citations and released each time due to statewide zero-bail policy amid coronavirus outbreak, according to officials.

— James A. Gagliano (@JamesAGagliano) May 3, 2020

The first incident occurred around 8:28, when the police called to report a man who tried to get into someone else’s car on South Grand Avenue. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Landrum who tried to escape in a stolen car. In addition, the police said that in addition to a stolen car found on someone else’s property and drugs. «Landrum arrested,» said police. «But due to the fact that in California because of the coronavirus has canceled bail for release from custody, the man was given a summons and released».

An hour after the arrest of a man, at around 14:20, officers received a call about an unknown man who was carrying a box and walked around the front yards of other homes. «It was a feeling that the man was packing into a box, passing other people’s homes,» said the police. When officers arrived, they again met Landrum with a box of stolen things. He again was given a summons and released.

Even several hours later, at 20:50 PM officers again received a call about a car that was stolen from the Parking lot on South Grand Avenue. Officers traced the car and found out that the car is sent to La Pointe. The chase finally ended in Pasadena, where Landrum was arrested again, this time for trying to hide from officers and using a stolen car. «Because of the lack of collateral in California Landrum released 3 times a day,» said the police.

At the moment in California abolished the payment of bail, which led to a growing number of people in custody, thus reducing the spread of coronavirus, but this practice brings problems for the police as alleged offenders newly released to the streets, and some of them started to use it.

For example, last weekend a man from Chino hills was arrested 4 times in 2 days for alleged breach on the same property, but each time released without bail.