Florida resident lived in a tent on an abandoned island Disney, calling him a «tropical Paradise»

Richard Michiru were forbidden to return to any property Walt Disney World after he got on the Island discovery, owned by Walt Disney World and got myself a campsite on the island, which he called «a tropical Paradise».

Man from Florida charged with trespassing on foreign territory after the guards discovered him when he made a camp on the Island of discovery, owned by Walt Disney World, as told in the office of the Sheriff of orange County.

Sheriff’s deputies said that they were called to the address 4301 N. World Drive on Thursday after the 42-year-old Richard McGuire was discovered on the property of the Walt Disney company, which at the moment is closed for public visits.

Assistant Sheriff of orange County was looking for McGuire on foot, by helicopter and by boat before he was finally found and was able to contact him, as stated in the arrest report. When Sheriff’s deputies said Michiru that they used a speaker to refer to him, he said he had not heard them because I was asleep inside one of the buildings on the island, which he described as a «tropical Paradise».

Also in the report it is noted that McGuire told deputies that he did not know that the entrance to the island is prohibited. He also added that he was on the island in the tent with Monday or Tuesday and planned to stay there for a week.

Island discovery, which was a Zoological attraction before the Park opened Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, has been closed since 1999. All Disney theme parks in the Orlando area is also temporarily closed due to the ongoing pandemic coronavirus.

McGuire was arrested and charged with penetration into the closed area. In addition, he was ordered never to return to any other territory Walt Disney World.