In the US children kidnapped 46 cars worth more than $1.1 million

Children in North Carolina had 46 stolen vehicles worth more than $1.1 million

According to a press release from police, 19 juveniles accused of stealing cars from 12 different dealerships. The children were 9 to 16 years.

According to officers, they found 40 of the 46 stolen vehicles, but are unable to arrest the young brawlers who stole cars for a few weeks, and even from the same dealerships.

«The detectives asked and still have not received the orders of detention the Department of juvenile justice County of Forsyth in juvenile, — is spoken in the message of the police. Detectives continue to pursue our efforts to investigate these crimes and to prevent future thefts».

All 20 of the robberies were committed in the County of Forsyth (North Carolina), police officers reported: 18 in Winston-Salem, and two in the city of Kernersville.

Police arrested an adult suspected of involvement in the crimes. As reported by CNN, it was the 19-year-old Mikel Binns, who was arrested on March 25. He was accused not of stealing cars, and that he has the stolen car, he resisted arrest and had violated probation.