The woman got that licked his hands and touched their products in the store

A woman from South Carolina was arrested for having licked their own hands and dealt with foods and other things in the grocery store. And she did just a few days after, as presumably did the same at the diner, the police said.

Senir Gibson Holliday (38 years old) was taken into custody Saturday after police responded to a call to the IGA supermarket in Sumter, where the surveillance camera of the store employees noticed that she licked her hand and coughed, before touching the doors of the freezer and some products, the police said on Sunday.

Holliday of Sumter also was caught on video when he licked his hands and touched them items in another Department of the supermarket, the police said.

The police, who arrived on a call about a suspicious person, found Holliday in a supermarket Parking lot. It was identified as a suspect in a similar incident in the diner, a sandwich in Sumter last week, the police said. Manager at Sub Station II told police that Holliday caught on video in the diner when he licked his fingers before to pay the employee. She also allegedly soiled by the saliva of the counting apparatus and licked a few quarters before putting them in a jar for tips for the staff, writes The State.

Holliday charged with disturbing public order, aggravated battery, and the contamination of food. She also was given a summons for violating the orders of the state to stay home. In addition, the judge ruled that she will check on COVID-19, he told police.

The woman remained in custody at the time of Monday. The Deposit is $100 thousand.

If a woman is found guilty of the contamination of food, a criminal offence, Holliday may receive a maximum period of 20 years. If it is found guilty of disturbing public order, aggravated, she could face up to 10 years, according to The State.