The owner of the beauty shop, refused to shut down for the duration of the quarantine, go to jail for 7 days

The owner of a beauty salon from Dallas (TX), sentenced to 7 days in prison after she defied the rules of quarantine and refused to close.

According to court documents, in April, the mistress of a Salon À la Mode Shelly Luther got a restraining order requiring the suspension of the work of the cabin, but ignored it. In the same month, it attracted public attention when protesting against quarantine defiantly ripped this order.

«[The defendant] openly and deliberately <…> went contrary to the decision of the court, said judge Eric Moye — not showed no remorse, despite the fact that she had many chances to do it.»

At the hearing, Luther stated that he refused to close the shop, because «I had to feed my family» and «saw no other way out.» However, the woman also admitted that he had received a loan from the Federal government, designed to help her stay afloat during the quarantine.

North Dallas Salon Owner Owner Shelley Luther just sentenced to 7 days in jail by a judge for opening her business according to @CBS11Andrea Lucia’s The salon owner was served with a temporary restraining order to close last week which she vowed to ignore

— J. D. Miles (@jdmiles11) May 5, 2020

Although the judge invited Luther to reconsider the sentence, if she apologize to the authorities and admits that her actions were «selfish», the defendant responded with a categorical refusal.

«I don’t agree that trying to feed a family is selfishness. she said Some of the staff [of the salon] going hungry to provide food for my children. If you believe that the law is more important than the well-being of these children, do as you see fit. I’m not going to shut down».

Among other things, Luther will be fined $500 for each day of the show since the ban.

To date Texas has recorded 32,332 cases of coronavirus, of which 884 — fatal.