The Rangers 8880 times in 5 days asked Park Florida wear masks, after which it was closed again

After the crowds of people, many of whom were wearing masks, visited the popular Park South Pointe Park at the weekend, on Monday the authorities of Miami beach closed the Park just after 5 days after its opening.

Parks were reopened in the Miami-Dade County, Florida on Wednesday, after almost 6 weeks after mayor Carlos A. Gimenez was forced to close them to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which infected more people in the County than in other parts of Florida. Miami beach joined the district, opening parks, ports and Golf courses.

Gimenez opened a public places only under the condition of using masks if visitors are not engaged in active sports. There are also exceptions for those who suffer from respiratory diseases and children under 2 years.

Within 5 days of parks in Miami beach Rangers did 8880 oral warnings to Park visitors who were not wearing masks, according to Miami police. Making 1551 warnings during the first 2 days of the Park, the Rangers made 2829 alert only on Saturday and Sunday 2432.

For the same 5 days, the Rangers made 511 warnings about social distancing and 1556 times asked guests to leave the Park after its closure at 19:00.

On weekends the city Manager Jimmy Morales informed the administration that the Rangers continue to report «serious problems with adhering to regulations in terms of masks in certain parks and rudeness towards the staff, especially in South Pointe Park».

On Monday he took the decision to close South Pointe Park after the closure of the Park the Park the day before to limit meeting people.

Open green areas were «successful» in all areas of the city, but South Pointe Park is «the most outrageous exception,» said in a statement Morales.

«The Park staff asks people to follow orders, but they are met with hostility and disobedience»,- he said. «On Sunday we closed the Park, but it never gave. Thus, South Pointe Park will be closed until further notice. There is no way to effectively monitor social distancing, when hundreds of people refuse to do it. The best way to protect our citizens and emergency personnel to keep Park buried until further notice».