The detained illegal migrants in the United States on hunger strike: ICE denies it

A group of inmates at the immigration detention center in Adelanto (California) began a hunger strike in protest against the fact that, according to them, the authorities failed to protect them from the coronavirus.

According to representatives of the group’s immigration legal services, «al Otro Lado», the detainees said that they did not feel safe at the facility and expressed concerns that they are not released.

One arrested, whose type 2 diabetes, said she fears her life may be in danger if it infected with coronavirus.

«I declare a hunger strike because of the harsh conditions they are in. I am a diabetic of the 2nd type, which makes me more susceptible to infection, — said the woman who is at center ICE for 8 months. We were literally sleeping at a distance of 12 inches from each other. Half of the staff wears masks. We do not have antibacterial soap.»

In a recent statement to Newsweek, a representative for ICE said the Agency provides and soap, and access to sanitation against the background of the pandemic coronavirus. The Agency also said that working to promote social distancing at its facilities in the United States.

The representative of the ICE Alex Ponce also denied the assertion that the hunger strike involving several inmates in Adelanto.

«According to our information, currently in Adelanto fast one detainee, said Ponce. – We respect the right of all people to Express their opinions. ICE will not take any action against the protesters, but explains the negative consequences for health and carefully monitors the status of the detainees».

To date, ICE has released about 700 prisoners across the country because of the pandemic and the rapid spread of the virus to the «closed» objects.