The American has escaped from prison, hiding under the mask of their face and impersonating another person

The man from Chicago was able to escape from prison on Saturday, wearing a mask and someone else’s jacket, to impersonate another man who was supposed to be released, according to news edition of the Chicago Tribune.

Jacques Scott (21) was supposed to be in jail Cook County Jail until, until you pay a Deposit of $50 thousand, according to the local branch of CBS news WBBM. He was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and violating parole in another case.

Quinton Henderson booked on drug charges was supposed to be released from Cook Co. jail.

Instead he is accused of selling his info to inmate Jahquez Scott for a *promise of $1k.

Scott wearing a facemask left.

Now, the search is on for a man accused of gun crimes. @cbschicago

— Charlie De Mar (@CharlieDeMar) May 6, 2020

In turn, another man, Quentin Henderson (28 years), Saturday night was supposed to be released by paying a Deposit of $1000, according to the Tribune. The police, however, said that Scott suggested a little later to pay Quentin $1000 for the opportunity to switch places and so that Scott could go free that night. Police said that the security footage revealed how the couple discussed the plan, after which Henderson gave Scott his jacket.

Then, as explained by prosecutors, officers of the prison told the name of Henderson, because the time has come to release him, but at this moment from your rose Scott, demanded personal belongings Henderson signed the documents as Henderson and took his place, according to the Tribune. Police said they learned about the incident only when Henderson stated that he fell asleep and wondered when it was released.

#HappeningNow: #FBI & @CCSOPIO are looking for Jahquez Scott. Scott was allegedly released from Cook Cty Jail using another detainee’s info.

Report tips to the FBI (or 312-421-6700 or @CCSOPIO (773)674-8477. There is a $2000 reward.#WantedWednesday

— FBI Chicago (@FBIChicago) May 7, 2020

Now, the man might soon happen to be released, because that 28-year-old boy charged with assisting in the escape, criminal offense, and the Deposit is now indicated in $25 thousand, according to WBBM.

As for Scott, then at the time of environment he was still on the loose and the police are unable to locate him.

Cook County Jail had to give people the face mask because of a massive outbreak of coronavirus in prison. At least 6 prisoners and one prison officer had died from COVID-19.