The utility company will pay $125 million to the woman for whom fell old post

The woman’s family from the Essex County (new Jersey), which filed a lawsuit against the company Verizon after it collapsed the old post and left her paralyzed, settled the lawsuit for $125 million.

50-year-old Maria Moser Maester was injured January 23, 2017 in Union city when waiting for the bus to new York, to work.

In court papers stated that 43-year-old wooden post partially rotted and broke at the base.

Mary Meister was diagnosed with multiple fractures of the spine, the ribs, the woman was partially paralyzed. Now she is not fully functioning right arm, have problems with vision.

The Maester was General counsel of the financial firms Milberg Factors in new York.

The post was co-owned by Verizon and PSE & G, it was the wire companies.

On Monday, the Supreme court justice the Essex County Stephen Petrillo approved an agreement under which Verizon will pay $125 million, and PSE&G of $250 thousand.

«Words can not Express the sympathy that we feel for Mary’s Maester and her family. Although no compensation can make up for the loss of health, we hope the decision in this case will help to provide the family care of Mary now and in the future,» the statement reads Verizon.