«The ugly man»: a nurse from new York was arrested for what she paid for gasoline with a credit card stolen from dying patient with coronavirus

Thursday, may 7, a nurse from Staten island (NY) was arrested on charges of stealing from dying from coronavirus patient’s credit card, which she paid for gasoline and food.

43-year-old Daniel Conti allegedly stole the card 70-year-old Anthony Catapano between 4 and 12 April, when she went to Staten Island University Hospital North.

The woman at first used the dying card to get gas. According to the daughter of the victim’s credit card was also used at ShopRite.

«She’s mean,’ said the Daily News a troubled daughter Tara Catapano. — How would she feel if someone did this to her parents when they are sick? I hope she will get what he deserves and lose his license and his job. I’m glad justice will be served and she will pay for it.»

The man died from complications COVID-19, 12 APR. Tara Catapano discovered the fraud after reviewing the accounts of his late father. She noticed that on April 9 when her father was transferred to a ventilator — someone spent $60,23 at the grocery store and at the gas station.

«This is something for which she risked her job,’ said the daughter, who notified the police on April 28. — She took the condition of my father. I’m sure she assumed he would not survive, and his family will not notice.»

Catapano admitted that he felt relieved when the nurse was arrested.

«I can’t believe people can do something like that to someone who is struggling for his life. This is a nurse who took an oath to heal, to protect and save patients. It’s disgusting…», says a grieving woman.

Conti was accused of theft. She works in Staten Island University Hospital since 2007. A hospital spokesman said that she was immediately suspended from work. According to him, it can be fired if the allegations are proved.