Children of immigrants are suing the administration to trump for denial of benefits coronavirus

Administration trump was sued on behalf of children of illegal immigrants who are US citizens, but cannot receive payments during a pandemic.

A group of seven children and their parents claim that the law violates the constitutional rights of children. The property trump also sued are citizens who are denied assistance during a pandemic because they are married to immigrants without documents, — writes Time.

In March, the Congress adopted a resolution on financial assistance in the amount of $ 2 trillion. dollars, which provides for the payment of 1200 dollars to the US taxpayers, having income of up to $ 75,000 plus $ 500 for each child. However, to get paid, both spouses filing a joint income tax return must have a social security number, which are inaccessible to immigrant parents. On Tuesday a lawsuit about this was filed in Federal court in Greenbelt, Maryland. The plaintiffs oppose US government and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

«The denial of the allocation of this allowance among children-United States citizens undermines the purpose of the Law about caring for the needy Americans, nullifying the efforts of the law to stimulate the economy, and punishing children for their parents’ status — the punishment, which is especially pointless, considering that immigrants, undocumented, in total, pay billions of dollars each year in taxes.» — reads the text of the claim.

Filed with the court, the children-US citizens seeking to act on behalf of millions of other children whose parents are unable to payment in the amount of $ 500, because one or both of them do not have documents.

The authorities yet do not give comments about the situation.