The U.S. army will refuse to service to those who are sick with coronavirus

According to a new Memorandum from the military conscription, the US Military command processing entry (MEPCOM), everyone who has tested positive for the coronavirus, will be denied entry into the service in the US army — even those who have recovered.

The news about the Memorandum have been actively spreading in social networks, and for the first time, on may 6, it wrote Military Times, after which the press Secretary of the Pentagon Jessica Maxwell confirmed that the Memorandum is genuine, reports Business Insider.

The Memorandum assumes that all 65 Military Entrance processing stations across the country budkt to introduce new regulations to determine medical qualifications of recruits. In joining the ranks of the U.S. army all recruits will measure temperature, they will answer questions about symptoms and potential contact with native speakers COVID-19.

According to the text of the Memorandum if, during the inspection and survey of recruit will be confirmed that he suffered a coronavirus, it will be considered «disqualifying» and zadokumentirovat in his medical report. This means that if the diagnosis COVID-19 potential soldier was confirmed by a test or doctor he forever loses the opportunity to serve in the U.S. army.

At the moment it is not known why the decision was made to deprive the new recruits suffer from mers the right to serve. Representatives MEPCOM yet do not give comments.

As of April 6, more than 1 500 soldiers in the U.S. army tested positive for the coronavirus. This includes the military, who recovered.