In the United States have arrested a serial killer who was operating in the 1990-ies

59-year-old Clark Perry Baldwin of Iowa charged with murder in 1991, pregnant women in Tennessee, as well as in two murders in Wyoming.

This was stated by district attorney Brent Cooper.

33-year-old Pamela rose Aldridge McCall was found strangled to death in March 1991, just off the road in the spring hill (Tennessee). She was in the 24th week of pregnancy.

Then, witnesses said the woman was traveling with a truck driver, but the investigation eventually stalled.

In April 2019 police Department spring hill contacted the U.S. attorney’s office Cooper for assistance in the resumption of the investigation. Beginning in 2014, the criminal investigators in the district attorney’s office to investigate unsolved crimes.

Investigators sent DNA to the national database, where it matched DNA found at the scenes of two unsolved murders of women in Wyoming in March and April 1992. These victims have not been identified.

«The murder was similar to the murder of Pamela McCall, and the suspect could be a truck driver,» said Brent Cooper.

Investigators assisted by FBI agents in Wyoming and Iowa, came to Clark Baldwin (but not told how) and was able to get his DNA. It matched that found on the bodies of three dead.

According to Brent Cooper, Clark Baldwin will be extradited to Tennessee, and then he would be charged and in Wyoming.