Nearly 20,000 Teens Georgia got my license without taking the driving test

Thousands of teenagers in the US already got a driver’s license without passing a practical driving test.

In an attempt to deal with a large number of requests for testing as a result of a pandemic of mers officials have issued 19483 driver’s licenses to students who do not pass the driving test. The documents were sent only to those who meet other criteria, in addition to the practical exam.

One of these students was a 17-year-old will Peavy of Tucker, who told CNN that she is very glad she doesn’t have to pass a practical exam, which is very scary. She said: «I was nervous about test driving about parallel Parking and the like. So I was glad I didn’t have to go through this».

The news follows the announcement of Governor Brian Kemp a week ago that testing on the road will be reversed to help to cope with a large number of those wishing to get right.

But Georgia is not the only state that took such a decision. Officials in Wisconsin have confirmed that they, too, will cancel practice exams for 16 and 17 year olds. On may 11, people who are not yet 18 years old, who «have received the required training and who have approval of a parent or guardian» will receive a driver’s license.

According to the state government, they have seen a spike up to 16 thousand applications for testing, of which 10 thousand people will pass the practical exam.

A spokeswoman for the Department of motor vehicles Christine Boardman noted that the program is not mandatory and the safety of motorists and other road users is paramount. She added: «Safe driving is the result of practice and learning. When young people who are learning to drive a car, meet all requirement and have demonstrated to the instructors and their parents or guardians that they are willing to get a driver’s license with a probation period of… this program that safely and effectively used in other States over the years, will allow them to move on.»

The Department of motor vehicles will offer practice tests, but this pilot program provides another option for those who meet all of the conditions.

The staff also confirmed that «80 thousand people, whose rights have expired, have received additional time to update».