In new York city drug dealers sell merchandise under the brand name «Coronavirus»

Heroin dealers in the Bronx stamp on their products the trademark of «Coronavirus» and use the alias of the late basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Earlier it was reported that the pandemic coronavirus prices for heroin, meth and fentanyl increased. Dealers engaged in the illegal business, he decided to go even further and release your product under this brand.

Special agent ray Donovan in the office of drug control in new York (DEA) announced the results of a long-term investigation.

«During a pandemic COVID-19 we have arrested six drug traffickers, who aptly branded their product a «Coronavirus»,» said Donovan.

According to the agent, the traffickers often label their goods catchy names to attract attention.

PHOTOS: Over $1M of heroin named ‘coronavirus’, ‘Black Mamba’ seized in the Bronx

— 1010 WINS (@1010WINS) May 8, 2020

As many as 120,000 of seized amounts of heroin and fentanyl, some were brand 24 Black Mamba, which means the nickname and number of the basketball player Kobe Bryant, who died with her daughter in the helicopter crash.

The special Prosecutor for counter-narcotics Bridget Brennan said that the streets were seized illegal goods worth over a million dollars. According to her, the alleged traffickers «trying to benefit from the reputation of a deadly pandemic.»