The Texan fired from the law firm for threatening mass shooting in a supermarket because of the masks

A Texas man lost his job at a law firm after a post on Facebook in which he threatened to have a shootout at Whole Foods for their attempt to protect workers and customers during a pandemic.

«No more masks,» wrote Kevin Bain, as reported by Courthouse News Service.

Bain worked at a law firm Thompson & Knight in Dallas, more than 10 years before he committed this act.

«Any company that tells me to wear a mask (Whole Foods on Lomo Alto) in Dallas… will forever lose me as a customer» — presumably Bain wrote on the page in Facebook, which was unavailable on Monday. «It is time to stop this nonsense. Do I need to show the security guard near the store my result in CV19?» Bain said that instead, he will show employees that it can do to a Glock 21, loaded with explosive bullets.

«Expensive ammo, but worth it in this situation» — presumably written by a man. «They have reached the limit. I have more power than them… they just dont know it yet».

Interestingly, a former employee of the law firm said a friend on Facebook named Patrick Bane. Both agreed that in the stores adolescence that are trying to do their job, you can shoot.

Excerpts from the post Bane was posted by the organization Dallas United SI, which represents the employees of a service industry. The organization said Thompson & Knight about the Bain wrote that Patrick should also be held accountable for his response to the post.

Thompson & Knight wrote on Facebook that they saw the posts of Bane and fired him. «We fired this person and informed the relevant authorities about fasting as a precaution,» wrote the firm. «We are very sorry about this situation. These posts will never be supported by our company».