In the United States more and more willing to file for divorce — because of the quarantine

Coronavirus was for many of us a real challenge, and some who he even was… marriage.

Divorce lawyers across America are reporting a surge of calls from disgruntled spouses, whose Cup of patience overflowed joint isolation.

«[The couples] finally there is a glimpse of what awaits them in retirement. — said Jason Hopper, a leading practice in the County of San Diego, in an interview with KFMB — unfortunately, not all have to taste such experience.»

Hopper says that within 3 weeks his staff had to advise up to 500 pairs per week. Most of them now can file for divorce due to restrictions imposed in connection with the coronavirus — and is currently preparing the necessary documents.

According to Paul Tolbert — divorce lawyer new York is one of his clients had called several times to find out when it will be possible to start divorce proceedings. A colleague of Tolbert, Suzanne Kimberly Bracker, adds that with her touch, even after hours.

«I’m in the middle of the night call from a woman who [during the lockdown] realized that she and her husband have nothing in common, except for the children about which he knows almost nothing».

All different reasons for divorce. Some due to the isolation realized that for each other, relationship other not withstood the test of temporary unemployment, and others are faced with irreconcilable differences in matters of quarantine and pandemic.

For example, a lawyer from new York Steven J. Mandel said that one of his customers ready to file for divorce because of the reluctance of her husband to perceive the coronavirus seriously and fears that it will endanger their son.

Lawyer Hillary Schultz advises spouses to give each other the opportunity to be alone during quarantine and strongly recommends not to make any hasty decisions.

«Even now if [the divorce] seems like a good idea, she said in an interview with WKYC — [after quarantine] your opinion might change.»