Inmates in the California prison tried to become infected with coronavirus for the liberation

A group of prisoners from prison in California are accused of trying deliberately to be infected with coronavirus in the mistaken belief that they will get parole if you get sick COVID-19. On Monday announced the state government.

According to the Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles, Alex Villanueva, prisoners serving time in Correctional facility for the Northern district in Castaic, drank from a disposable Cup and smelled used protective face mask. So they tried to get coronavirus. Their actions were captured by surveillance camera.

«Anyway, among the prisoners there arose a misconception that if they have a positive result for coronavirus], there is a way to make us somehow to release more prisoners from our prisons — but this will not happen.» said Villanueva at a press conference.

Villanueva said that in the part of the prison where the incident occurred, is already 21 prisoner ill with the coronavirus. However, none of the accused admitted in their attempts to get.

Prison in the County of Los Angeles were released more than 5,000 prisoners as a preventive measure in order to avoid the wide spread of the coronavirus in prison. At the moment in the state among the prisoners was 375 patients COVID-19 .

According to Universiteti Johns Hopkins, the US still ranks first in the number of cases COVID-19. As of 12 may, the country was 1 347 936 cases 80 and 684 deaths.