What is «additional COVID-19» and why restaurants have begun to add it to the account

Some restaurants have instituted a surcharge to cope with the increased cost of food and some operating expenses during the period of the pandemic coronavirus.

Like many restaurants in the country Kiko Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Lounge in West plains, Missouri could not cope with in order to keep prices low, as rapidly rising cost of food. To help yourself cope with the costs during a pandemic coronavirus, the restaurant recently introduced «fee for COVID-19». And customers, as well as many users of social networks, immediately there was a mixed reaction to the innovation.

Earlier this week, the restaurant had attracted a lot of attention, when the customer posted a photo of the restaurant account, where they were given a new Supplement. «I’m sorry… what? The fee for COVID-19?» — I wrote to the lady Twitter.

‘Scuse me … what? A covid surcharge…? pic.twitter.com/IYcrkcqIJ3

— Talia (@talialikeitis) May 11, 2020

Many were not happy with the new surcharge. Others asked whether the restaurant visitors informed about innovations before they made the order in the restaurant. There were those who said that are happy to pay a fee to help a beloved restaurant that has suffered because of the crisis of coronavirus.

Restaurant owner Billy Yuzar said TODAY that the 5% surcharge was introduced on may 6, after significantly increased the cost of meat, seafood and vegetables, which they take from local supplier. «We were hoping to vary the fee every week depending on the prices set by our suppliers instead of having to raise menu prices,» explained the proprietor. «We had also planned to completely remove the surcharge as soon as prices come back to normal».

Missouri recently announced that local restaurants can re-open the institution, serving no more than 25% of the usual number of visitors, but Kiko decided to offer only takeaway while there are still concerns about the threat of the virus.

Before you enter a fee, the restaurant hung a few announcements, warning of the innovation.

While restaurants are trying to cope with rising food prices and other costs, customers of restaurants across the country must be prepared for the possibility to see the fee for COVID-19 in their accounts, said Frank Gregory, partner at Frank LLP Class Action Litigators. As explained by a lawyer from new York, this bonus perfectly legitimate.

«In General, restaurants can change prices as they want,» said Frank. «The important question is whether the restaurants customers about what they pay, so they can make their conscious choice.»