The youngest FBI informant sued him for abuse

The youngest FBI informant sued him for abuse

An ex-FBI informant sued the agency for $100 million, claiming that he was subjected to ill-treatment while working for the authorities.

Richard Vershi Jr. is known as the youngest informant of the Bureau in history. His experience working with a federal agency even inspired the Hollywood film «White Boy Rick», which starred Matthew McConaughey. Now a new chapter has appeared in the history in the form of a lawsuit-which refers to child abuse.

According to the lawsuit filed by Vershi, he was the victim of alleged child abuse by former FBI agents and prosecutors during his time at the agency. After being recruited at the age of 14, he worked with the authorities for two years.

He was convicted at the age of 17 for drug trafficking and spent three decades in prison.

At a press conference dedicated to the anniversary of his release, the 52-year-old man said: «I want this chapter in my life to be closed.»

In the lawsuit filed by Vershi, he mentions former Detroit police officers, retired FBI agents, former federal prosecutors and the city of Detroit. He also states that in the end it was they who pushed him to make a choice, which ended in prison for the man.

The documentation says: «If I had not been an informant of the task force, I would never have been associated with the drug business or any criminal activity.»

The FBI’s Detroit office declined to comment on the trial, as it is still ongoing.